A little over a year ago Jon and I timidly attended an experiment in community based on an online community called The Rabbit Room. The conference was called Hutchmoot, and the first evening felt like the first day of school in a new town. I was nervous and intimidated to be so close to people I admired. As the weekend progressed we realized that there were no bullies in this new school. There wasn’t even a popular crowd. Everyone was wearing a pocket protector and pushing their coke bottle glasses up their noses.* Everyone was equally as passionate (not geeky) as we were for the beauty of music and literature.

This weekend we reconvened with our people. This time it was less like a first day at school and more like walking into a group hug. I immediately felt warm and cozy wrapped in the covers of the familiar and the soon to be explored. Throughout the sessions and speakers I felt the outpouring of inspiration and desire. Being there with people who love to create and enjoy creation filled me with both knowledge and desire to know more, confidence to love what I love and do what I love, and passion to explore the depths of our Creator’s heart.

The full impact of the Hutchmoot will take some time to wash over me. I may not provide specific posts that detail the moments of movements of the weekend, but the wisdom imparted there will reflect itself in every stroke of the keyboard.

*I mean this in the most loving and least literal of ways. I actually didn’t see a single pocket protector.


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2 responses to “Hutchmoot

  1. Jonathan Rogers totally should have had a pocket protector. Did you see the ink stain the first day??

    I love the group hug analogy. That’s exactly what it’s like.

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