Stewards of Creation

“You made [man] ruler over the works of your hands; you put everything under his feet.” Psalm 8:6

I often have difficulty focusing my creative energy. I have a half-dozen half-finished crochet projects, and I don’t even want to count the items in my sewing queue. Usually when I’m part of the way through a project one of two things happens: either I decide there was a much better way to do it and start over completely, or I have a fantastic brain wave for a new, way more awesome project and project 1 gets the shaft. Of course, at that point, sometimes projects 1-3 have been left behind, too.

I truly believe that the reason mankind has any shred of creativity in our bones is that we were made in the image of Creator God. He has revealed an aspect of Himself in the soul of every human creator. Not only has He endowed us with the ability to create, but He has also given us charge over His very precious creation.

Despite the joy I find in creating I have a very hard time letting my creations go. I am my own worst critic, and I will fight an internal battle every time I gift a work of my hand. Yet, God, in his abundant grace and love for His broken creation, allows us guardianship over His jewel of creation. He has given us the earth. He has given us every living creature. He has even given us the priviledge of caring for the weak, wounded and abandoned of the world.

The responsibility is vast. We are the stewards of the King. We must choose wisely how to love and use the created and the creativity endowed by our Creator. 

“May the works of my hand and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, Lord.” Psalm 19:14

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