A place of contentment

I’m sure I’ve written before about a deep seeded desire for contentment. I have probably even called myself content in hopes of making it true. I have come to realize the truth that I will never be content in this world. That is not my purpose here. Jon and I are getting ready to make some major changes in the way we live our lives.*

God is changing the way we’re looking at the world. We are excited to see what might transpire when we start to live like the aliens and strangers of this world – when we conform ourselves to something other worldly. We are beginning to transform how we treat everything from our money to our mindset.

The longer I live in the American dream culture the less I fit. And that, I have decided, is a good thing. Quite honestly, I have no desire to live in a giant house that I can’t afford, eat food at trendy places that I don’t really like or get promotions at work because I schmooze the right people. Jesus is changing my heart to love the nations. He is showing me more daily that my purpose is not to be a decent person who pays her bills, but it is to make His name great on the earth.  That means that our life cannot look like the American dream. In fact, we’re probably going to be the weirdest people on the street.**

One of the ways we’re starting is with The Radical Experiment. Jon and I, along with the college Bible study we lead, are starting the experiment this week. The challenge is for a year:

  1. Pray for the entire world
  2. Read through the entire Bible
  3. Commit your life to multiplying community
  4. Sacrifice your money for a specific purpose
  5. Give your time in a different context

Through Jesus we want to change the world. Is it a daunting task? Yes. Is it possible? Absolutely.

*Don’t panic, family. I know what you are thinking and we’re not having a baby or moving to a foreign country. We would have told you in a much more appropriate way.

**I’ve always thought I wanted to be an eccentric old lady when I grow up, so what have I got to lose anyway, right?


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2 responses to “A place of contentment

  1. You bless my heart, Ashley Andrews!!

  2. Jen

    Ashley, you are already eccentric 🙂 just gotta get to the old part. I love you the way you are and I am so very excited for the changes you and Jon are heading toward, whatever they may be. Just call me before you blog about it so I can be the first to know!

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