Intentional Mistakes

I know quite a few college students these days. several of them have recently turned 21. the common theme of well wishing on their birthdays seems to be something along the lines of, “Time to make a few mistakes!” I THINK I understand the idea behind them. I’m sure the intention is to say, “We’re adults! Now we figure out what our purpose is in life, choose a career, change our minds, love and have heartbreak, etc.”

But I’m just not sure we need to encourage each other to make mistakes. The world says to party hard, live your life and work on the spiritual thing when you have kids. as young believers in a skewed world we should be saying, “Pray about that decision, choose your actions wisely and base everything on God’s word.”

Choices at this time of life should be anything but flippant. These are your defining years. Now is the time you will cultivate habits and spiritual discipline. You have reached a point of decision. You’re an adult. You know right from wrong. You will absolutely make mistakes. My point is that your mistakes should not be intentional – that’s not a mistake. It’s a bad choice. Make wise decisions so that when you do make a mistake it won’t be life shattering.

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  1. It’s time to blog again. I’m tired of reading the same post every time I log on… 🙂

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