Creativity Binge

So I’ve been on a little bit of a craft binge lately – mostly crocheting – mostly out of my head rather than patterns. My first foray into the pattern-less world of yarn craft was a cake topper for some friends. Meet Greg and Elisabeth Klimetz:

Since then I’ve been playing with hats. Particularly sock monkey hats. I also made one for Jon that wasn’t a sock monkey, but I didn’t take a picture. This one was for my niece. I’ve since made 3 1/2 more.

I picked out a pattern for my friend Jill as soon as I found out she was pregnant. It was labeled in my computer as “If Jill has a girl.” It was a knit pattern so to get a more knitted look I used Tunisian crochet. It was my first try and not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

I also found some printable fabric and decided to make tags for my homemade handiwork. It looks a little spotty because it just came out of the washer – gotta love washable!

And then the power of the dark side overwhelmed me… Actually, that statement is appropriate considering the plague that hit me just before I started this one. Our friend, Dan, is a big time Star Wars collector geek. So why not add to the pile the joy of homemade toys?

I am your father…I’ve been working on several other projects, but those will have to wait. Just to peak your interest, though, they include some fingerless gloves, a vest (my first project for me) and a baby poncho. I’m a crafting fiend!


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