South Asia

In 13 days I’ll be boarding a plane to South Asia. I’ve never been overseas. When I was asked if I wanted to go I immediately said yes. The next day when I had to confirm my intentions to go I said, “If Jesus weren’t involved this decision would seem a little impulsive.”

Four months ago I made a statement that meant that I believe Jesus was at work in my decision making process. I still believe that. If I didn’t before this weekend helped confirm. When the ladies of our team met last week we spoke of how as soon as we start praying and planning Satan will attack. I spent all of Saturday night pouring my guts in a bucket and my heart out to God to make it stop. I spent Sunday morning getting IV fluids at the ER and the rest of the day asleep. I missed a team meeting.

I’m not gonna lie, it made me slightly nervous. I realize I have 2 weeks to feel completely better – and I have full confidence that I will feel better by then – but I tend to predict the worst. What if I have a relapse (of a stomach bug – silly, I know) while we’re there? What if it’s dormant in me but I transmit it to one of my teammates? You know what the answer is? It’ll be ok. It doesn’t matter how miserable we are, we are committed to this trip and these people. If I have to puke for another 12 hours straight I’ll make it. (I’ll also be taking my super anti-nausea pills with me:)

Jesus was involved in the decision. He has been involved in the planning. He will be involved in my GI tract while we’re there. I may predict the worst, but he plans for the best. I’ll lean on him to deal with the bugs.

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