Why does truth seem to be the challenge? When we hear untruths we are uncomfortable. Yet, very few stand up and say, “That simply isn’t true.” It should be easier for believers to rebuke a lie than it seems to be. We (myself included) tend to clam up. We tell ourselves that someone else, someone bolder, someone more called by God will stand and speak against the lie, the half truth, the deception.

Or we forget that a lie is still a sin. We make it pretty by saying things like, “That’s not completely untrue” and “A little white lie never hurt anything.” Oh, if that were truth what a false and wretched religion we have! Jesus didn’t take sin sitting down. Jesus said that anger against your brother is murder and lust is adultery. But somehow we forget and justify those things that “don’t hurt anyone.” Sin is sin. Sin is what murdered Jesus. Yes, there is grace. Yes, we fight human nature every moment. But, yes, we are to fight off that sin nature until our last breath leaves our lungs, and we are restored to our perfect union with our Father. I present the idea today that lies, deceit, half truths and bitter words are sins as great as adultery, murder and stealing. I realize the earthly consequences are less public and less physically damaging. Do you realize that each untruth took part in nailing Jesus to the cross?

Truth should be a believer’s foundation. Truth should come naturally as an overflow of the heart. Standing up to deceit is not someone else’s job; it is yours and mine.

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  1. Jen

    You made me tear up… I had a reminder that even my omissions and hypocrisy are far from the Truth and that I need to remember John 8:32… “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

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