What you love vs. What you do

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about doing what you love versus doing what you do. I’ll be honest, I don’t love my job. When people ask about what I do I tell them funny stories about the crazy people I deal with regularly, and if someone was listening they might think I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m exactly where God wants me and my job provides a lot of freedom for Jon and me. I have interaction with people who need Jesus and fantastic opportunity to pray for the sick and the poor. But it certainly isn’t a job a love. It’s just a job.

Jon has had a tough time getting hours with the radio station. He just started a job at Target unloading trucks and stocking shelves. It’s not a job he grew up dreaming he would do one day. It’s just a job.

I think that’s why God has allowed Jon and I to be a little bit crafty. I’ve been crocheting a lot in the past few weeks. I’ve had one of my best friends ask me to crochet their wedding cake topper (which is probably my favorite project to work on right now), a lady at work had me make a sweater for her niece and, most excitingly, The Drowsy Poet (the best coffee shop in town) is interested in my coffee cardigans. Jon just finished a lamp for his mom, is working on a secret project that I can’t post about because of my most faithful reader and he’s had several bits of inspiration carving his wands. He’s gotta be ready for Harry Potter 7.1 this fall!

We also have our college students. We’ve had such a great time learning what it takes to lead a Bible study. We’ve even gotten to help plan a mission trip to reach Iraqis in Clarkston, GA. We may have the coolest students ever to enter University of West Florida attending Heritage and In-Transit.

For the two of us, we are able to bear what we do for two big reasons. One, God provides joy even in the things are simply necessary. He has put us in so many different situations that have made us different people than we were 5 years ago. What makes what we do bearable is knowing that God is all over it! Two, we still get to do things we love. We’re able to create and love and go and do. I don’t remember where but I recently read something to this effect: the Creator created us in His image; a large part of His character is a Creator. Humans have a desire to create because of our Creator.

Joy and peace are in Christ. He is the only one who can make what you do what you love.

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  1. Jen

    I check here EVERYday…. and this was not here 7/10 or my RSS feed didn’t let it show up! I was ecstatic to find TWO posts 😀 I love you and admire you and Jon for your willingness to find contentment wherever God puts you!

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