Weekend fun!

This weekend our awesome friends, Dan and Desiree, took us to Waterville in Gulf Shores, AL. We had such a fun time. One of my favorite things is to run around like a kid with no responsibilities.

Sunday we went to a new Connect Group our church started for young couples. We really enjoyed it. We’re a little bummed that we missed the first week and we’ll miss next week (but for good reason – we’ll get there in a minute).

Sunday night we had our first meeting of In-Transit, a Connect Group for college students. We had an awesome turn-out. We talked about community – what it looks like now versus 30 years ago, what we need from community and how Satan distorts what God meant for good. I think we’re off to a great start. Really think about what being in a community and being authentic with that community means. It’s something we don’t think about enough.

It was a jam-packed weekend, but, oh, so fun! Saturday we leave with some more awesome friends to head to New Orleans. We’re excited about seeing friends and eating beignets!

Coming up soon I’ll be reviewing a couple of books I’ve been reading.

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