Love Invading Me

I’m notorious for misunderstanding song lyrics. Sunday morning Jon and I were listening to The Good Confession by Andrew Peterson. At the end of the song there’s a line that says, “Love is leading me. And every step of the way his grace is making me; with every breath I breathe, he is saving me.” I really thought it said, “Love invading me.”

I really love this song. Andrew Peterson is one of my favorite song writers because of the stories his songs tell. I think his line is much better, but I got to thinking about the idea of a love invasion. I think if people allowed love to invade their lives we would live in a much different world. I know I have moments where I tend to ignore the parts of the Bible that talk about loving your neighbor and your enemy and all people in general. But if I were to let go and let love invade every inch of my person what would life be like?

I think there would be a lot more joy, a lot more peace. I think people would look different – better.

How do you start a love invasion, anyway?

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One response to “Love Invading Me

  1. Jen

    Not only could we become more loving but imagine how much more lovable we’d be…

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