Creepy, Cute Commitment

Two years ago I made a new year’s resolution to learn to crochet. That same year I saw a book called Creepy, Cute Crochet and remembered my resolution. (Who doesn’t want to learn to crochet zombies, ninjas and adorable little monkeys?) I put the book on my Christmas wish list and promptly forgot my resolution once again.

I’ve always been really bad at new year’s resolutions. I’m not sure what possessed me to make one 2 years ago. It was the first time in several years that I even gave it a second thought. I tend to be more successful when I make a resolution any other time of year. I truly believe that most of us are more successful when we resolve to accomplish something or pursue our goals without obligation. I don’t want to lose weight because that’s what you’re supposed to say every January 1. I don’t want to read my Bible more because that’s what Christians do. And I don’t want to learn to crochet because it’s hip in an old-fashioned sort of way, and it’ll be a resolution everyone will be impressed with. I want to pursue my passions and develop new skills out of pure desire. Why do we wait for January to make major life changes? I have resolutions I’ve been tossing around that could really benefit me and my family in the here and now. In fact, I can think of a few things I could work on that probably shouldn’t wait til January – like dusting regularly or putting the clean clothes away when they come out of the dryer. I can also think of some things that would just make me happy to resolve now rather than later. I’ve had a guitar for quite some time. I’ve never really learned how to play it well. And what better time than the present to learn a new skill?

I got my crochet book for Christmas last year. It was a little overwhelming. I didn’t realize how many different ways you can tie knots with yarn and a little metal stick. Around February I finally picked up the book and planted myself in front of YouTube. This was the result:

The Clark Dolls

The Clark Dolls

Something in my brain clicked into gear. I realized that if I had made a commitment to anyone else I would never intentionally break it. The Bible is clear that when I say I will, I should. (See  Matthew 5:33-37.)  A resolution, whatever time of year, is a commitment to myself. Breaking a commitment to myself is still breaking a commitment. I want to make resolutions, but, again, not out of obligation. I want to make resolutions to create goals for myself to make myself a better wife, employee, daughter, sister, person. I want to pursue my goals to feel a sense of accomplishment and know that God is developing in me something that can glorify Him.

What is your motivation for making and keeping resolutions?

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  1. Jen

    The title of this blog is awesome!

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