Time to turn the page

I have a friend who once referred to her collection of books as friends. That has always stuck with me. If books are, in fact, friends then I am mourning the loss of my closest friend. I’ve been in denial about it for about a month now, but I feel that it will be healthier if I grieve and move on.

It’s time to say goodbye to my NIV Backpack Bible. It has been a dear friend. I got this Bible at Gospel Supply House in Tuscaloosa. GSH was my first job in college – where I made some of my best friends. It was with me through my most intense moments of spiritual development. It was where I went when confronted with questions, doubts, fears about the future. It followed me into marriage and other great joys, spiritual darkness and confusion, and let’s not forget my temporary tango with parenthood. It has been my most dependable source of refreshment and joy and peace.

I realize that it was not the paper and ink and glue that made my Bible my comforter. I know that if I went to the bookstore and bought any NIV Bible it would tell me the exact same things. It would bring the same message of peace and grace and salvation. But I love my Bible. I’ve tried others, but they don’t fit the contour of my hands. They lack the notes and highlights and memories that I shared with this one. The binding is gone, the pages are wrinkled and torn, but I’m still holding on. Today I am going to move on. My period of grieving is past. Now it’s time to step out into the world of Bibles and make a new friend.

Do you feel attached to Bibles (or other books)  like that, or am I just overly sentimental?


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2 responses to “Time to turn the page

  1. It’s not just you Ash, I am the same way with my bible. I recently got a new one (mainly to escape the very old notes and broken binding) but I still use “old faithful” more. Crazy how that works.
    Good luck shopping!!

  2. Jen

    I like my “old faithful” because I know exactly where every highlighted verse is and it almost always opens exactly where I need it to 🙂

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